Meena as principal consultant at TalentInvest has helped me and my team with her professional insights, particularly helping me identify what was holding me and the team back, including some self limiting thinking in the team; I now believe I have a ‘fit for purpose’ top team, by actioning the insights that the process generated

CEO, UK based private equity funded company

Leadership capability in our organisation has had a significant improvement through TalentInvest’s consulting work. Their approach connects business strategy, people/culture and leadership development in a clear and powerful way that makes implementation highly effective. Meena has been able to combine diagnostic frameworks with a personalised and insightful approach to coaching leaders at our most senior levels. She is able to adapt her skills to various types of leadership styles and corporate cultures

CEO of large Australian company with revenue exceeding 1bn

Meena continues to be a fantastic support to the team during a period of significant strategic re-alignment for the company… Her insights have been personally invaluable for me as I drove the required change

CEO, US based Professional Services Company

She brings to her coaching a hands-on experience with succession planning in a large corporate and therefore knows intimately what makes successful senior leaders

HR Director, publicly listed company

There are few business coaches that have a strong professional background in human behavior coupled with firsthand experience of how a large corporate works… Meena is one. She has a great style with the people she coaches, compassionate but candid

Divisional CEO, Diversified Group

Meena has an uncanny knack of seeing the real issue very quickly, and gently but firmly working with you to help you see it and deal with it. Meena is very supportive but she doesn’t let you off the hook. She knows big organisations and what makes them tick and how to help individuals and teams become the best they can be

Senior Executive, publicly listed company

Meena has contributed significantly to our efforts in getting the much needed momentum with our Diversity and Inclusion Agenda across the Asia Pacific Region. She has consulted with us to build a business aligned D&I strategy and has also worked with us on a unique intervention to strengthen our pipeline of female Director talent

Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Asia Pacific, Global Investment Bank

Meena has worked with our top team to develop a ‘fit for future’ leadership model which has generated a different and much needed dialogue about the quality of leaders we need if we are to deliver on our growth aspiration over the next 5 years. Her knowledge of transformative leadership and the role leaders plays in building high performing organisations is exceptional and we have hugely benefited from it

GM Human Resources, large publicly listed Financial Services Organisation

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