Much has been written about what makes a successful CEOs. Put simply, the skills of a CEO can be distilled down to 5 essential skills. They need to be able to:

 1.Judge where the world and company’s markets are heading and framing a vision of how the company should reposition itself

2.Identify (and if needed recruit) the talent that can turn that vision into reality

3.Understand in a deep and substantive way the problems that the company faces

4.Know comprehensively how the company really works and know the key players well

5.Take the difficult decisions necessary to remove the barriers to success

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Written by Meena Thuraisingham
Director and Principal, Talent Invest

Meena Thuraisingham is a consultant, author, executive coach and thought leader in the area of People and Culture. An organisational psychologist by training, she founded TalentInvest, a niche consulting practice, advising global clients in the UK, Asia and Australia in Capability and Culture. Meena is also a regular speaker internationally on leadership effectiveness and culture change.

Her published books are The Secret Life of Decisions, Careers Unplugged and Derailed!. Get Your Copy Today