Essential Choices For A Great Career

Careers Unplugged differs in its approach from previous writing on careers. Careers Unplugged frames careers as a set of clear and simple choices. These choices help you to focus on the fundamentals of a satisfying career – elements which all too often you may have overlooked in your search for overcomplicated solutions or paths to a more satisfying career.

Your career is a series of personal choices that YOU make … choices about what you do and how you do it. It is about the challenges you choose to pursue and those you do not, about the trade-offs you are prepared to make and those you are not, about investing time in certain things and not in others, about speaking up or not, and about the relationships you choose to invest in or not.

So, ‘unplug’ your thinking. Rather than letting organisational expediency drive your choices, take control of your career, recognise those situations that retard your potential, and seek to craft experiences that unleash your potential… and create a career that works for you.

In Praise of Careers Unplugged

In the context of the ‘War For Talent’ Careers Unplugged provides great insights and valuable practical suggestions for up and coming leaders

Sheila Penrose, Chairman and Founder, Corporate Leadership Center and Global Chairman, Jones Lang LaSalle

A treatment of the subject that is refreshing, intelligent and rich with practical insights – a book to return to from time to time when assessing where you are with your career

Dr Bob Edgar, Chief Operating Officer, ANZ Banking Group

A recommended read for anyone interested in taking charge of their own career choices, as well as to HR and Talent Management specialists who are interested in crafting state-of-the-art career management systems and processes for their organisations

Douglas A. Ready, Ph.D. President, International Consortium of Executive Development and Research (ICEDR) & Visiting Professor, Organizational Behaviour, London Business School

All executives can benefit from assistance to simplify the complex matter of achieving a successful and personally satisfying career. Careers Unplugged gets back to the fundamentals of how to shape a successful career in a changing global context, while also giving due recognition to your own personal drivers and preferences

John Mumm, Chairman, Spencer Stuart, Australia

This practical, well organised book is at once empowering and challenging. Its down to earth style reflects Thuraisingham’s years of experience in the career development field. It will be a valuable resource for both those faced with career decisions, large and small, and those who counsel them

Jane S Hemstritch Board Director, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, retired Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Accenture

Insightful and an easy read. A must have handbook for aspiring executives

Rosaleen Blair, Chief Executive Officer, Alexander Mann Solutions and Winner of Veuve Clicquot 2007 Business Woman of the Year, UK