Thinking Man - The Decision Maker Diagnostic Tool - Meena - ThurasinghamDecision Styles & Behaviour Diagnostic

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The Decision Maker© is a diagnostic tool that provides a comprehensive assessment of your decision making style and behaviour in a business context, either as an individual or working as a team.

It is designed to provide you with deeper insights into how you typically approach making decisions, identifying your distinctive decision making strengths and pin pointing areas you may wish to improve or strengthen.

Some of the benefits of better self understanding and personal insight applied to your decision behaviour at work include:

  • Improved results and sense of achievement
  • Greater momentum and pace in implementing your plans through others
  • Increased confidence and resilience to overcome performance blockages and decision bottlenecks
  • Avoiding the decision traps or unconscious biases that may degrade the quality of your judgement and decisions
  • Better management of risks associated with making choices when faced with complex challenges
  • Improved understanding of the specific changes you can make to your decision styles and behaviour in order to become a better decision maker
  • Improved teamwork

Taking The Decision Maker© is a first step in helping you become a more skilled decision maker, irrespective of the decision making scenarios or challenges you face into. In completing this diagnostic you will be provided a self-report with developmental insight and success strategies for change.

All Information you provide is retained by TalentInvest, the owner of The Decision Maker©, and used for purposes of generating your self-report only and for no other purpose.

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